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  • When will INTERPLAST will be held?

    August 16 – 19, 2016 from 02 p.m. to 09 p.m.

  • Where will INTERPLAST 2016 be held?

    Location: Expoville Pavilions

    Rua XV de Novembro, 4350 – Joinville/SC -Brazil.

  • What is the entry fee?

    Entrance to the fair is free, but exclusively for professionals working in the sector.

  • Who can visit Interplast 2016?

    Industry professionals, students, the general public, aged 16 and over.

  • How to register early for interplast 2016?

  • I’ve already registered, but didn’t receive confirmation by email. What should I do?

    If you completed the registration and previewed the on-screen confirmation, wait for the confirmation message to be sent to the email you registered, if this doesn’t occur, your data will remain stored in our database.

  • How can I obtain the access credential to the fair?

    If you made your registration via the internet, you should withdraw your credential at the "Exclusive Self-Service for Internet Registrations" counters at the fair’s entrance. 

  • I didn’t do my early credential over the internet, what should I do?

    At the entrance of the fair we provide tablets for registering.

  • What is the minimum age to enter at the show?

    Due to the exhibition of machinery and equipment that can endanger life, individuals under 16 years old are not permitted into the fair. 

  • Are there access restrictions to visit the Fair?

    Yes. To ensure the safety of visitors and good use of the fair by professionals, we recommend:
    - The entry of unaccompanied minors under the age of 16 is prohibited;
    - As this is a business event, the entry of people wearing shorts, tank tops and/or flip flops will not be permitted.