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Joinville, city with the sixth highest growth in Brazil in 10 years

According to data published in the institutional profile, Joinville in Data 2014, consolidated by Perini Business Park, the economic potential of Santa Catarina's largest city in number of inhabitants, follows a growing trend being the sixth fastest growing city in the country in the last 10 years.

The region concentrates a strong industrial hub covering diverse segments such as metal-mechanical, plastics, textiles, information technology, metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, lumber, among others. It`s placed third in the southern region`s ranking, for generating revenue to public coffers, only behind the capitals Curitiba (PR) and Porto Alegre (RS). A strong point favoring Joinville is its facilitated logistics structure served by five ports and four airports within a 200 km radius.

Impacts of this growth fall squarely on the entire consumer goods and services chain in the region, including construction and real estate.

Joinville in data:

  • More than 515,000 inhabitants, the largest city in the state in number of inhabitants.
  • Less than 100 km from the region`s four major ports and next to BR101 and other main highways connecting the country to Mercosur.
  • State`s most important economic, technological and industrial center.
  • State`s largest industrial park with 1,600 industries and 13,400 businesses.
  • GDP of R$ 18.4 billion.
  • GDP per capita of R$ 35,800.
  • 13th highest HDI (Human Development Index) of Brazil 0.857.
  • Sixth city in Brazil with the highest growth in ten years.
  • Santa Catarina`s leader in number of exporting firms and second municipality in the state by volume of exports (US$ 1.676 billion) and imports (US$ 1.648 billion) in 2011.
  • Third largest tax revenue collection of ICMS in 2011.

Companies by economic sector:

  • Industry 1.855
  • Services 25.436
  • Trade 15.545
  • Autonomous 6.883